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Our school uniform is available to be purchased at the Bourn to Dance Shop.  
We have some limited stock of cut price uniform available – if you would like to see our current stock and price list please email Oonagh.
Please note the following approximate sizing guidelines:
– For ballet shoes, go up by 1.5 shoe sizes. So, if your child wears child size 11 in normal shoes, get 12.5 in ballet shoes.
The B fitting is an average width, the C fitting is wide fit.
– For leotards and cardigans, for the average child, here are the size guides:
3-4 years: size 00
4-5 years: size 0
6-7 years: size 1
8-9 years: size 2
10-11 years: size 3A
11-12 years: size 3
13-15 years: size 4
16 to adult: size 5
New pupils may attend without uniform for up to 3 weeks, but from then on we would expect them to be in uniform.