Child Protection Policy
Bourn Ballet School will promote and maintain the welfare of every child in our care and seeks to protect them from harm regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief or any other form of identity or creed. We will create a safe and welcoming environment for all. To protect children in our care we will
– Value and respect children and listen to what they have to say
– Ensure all required checks are made when hiring staff, and ensure that those in regular contact with children will hold a current DBS check. Staff will also have appropriate training in First Aid
– Ensure any staff have appropriate training for the work they do at Bourn Ballet School. The school takes the long-term physical well-being of students very seriously and strives to ensure that ballet training will strengthen and improve physical health, and never be harmful to children’s growing bodies.
– Take responsibility for children’s safety when in our care
– Seek permission from parents before taking photographs or film of students and before sharing the images in any way
– Share our policy with all staff, parents and students

Physical Contact
Teaching dance is a physical activity and a teacher will sometimes need to make physical contact with a student to show an idea or to correct the student’s position. This can include:

• Adjusting arms, legs, rib cage, hips, feet, hands
• Moving one student in relation to another

Where contact is needed, we will remain sensitive to the student’s wishes and put their welfare first. In all cases, we will say why and how we will be correcting the student’s position before making any contact.

We encourage students to report any concerns.